A downloadable game for Windows

Cool game made with RPGmakerXP, tells the story of the nintendo universe threatened by a whole bunch of villains. Only you can save it! Create an unbeatable party unifying all the nintendo series protagonists against all the bad guys! This role playing game is full of humour and is quite text based so there's not a lot of action to expect but the music is freaking awesome! Enjoy playing Nintendo Quest Demo! (The full version is still in progress and I need some feedback to continue my work.) Thanks!

Install instructions

It's a zip file so just extract the files from it and enjoy!


Nintendo Quest Demo.zip 67 MB


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Oups sorry for anyone how already downloaded my game, it was a wrong version but now it's fixed!

Yeah, it looks pretty good! Also, check out my RPG and JRPG game jam. Your's would be fitting for the game jam.

Hi guys thank you for your interest in my game. If you happen to download my game please comment and give maximum feedback!

I've downloaded your game. https://itch.io/profile/jacktiveactive

Thanks! Sure I'll give yours a try!