A downloadable Chara Attacks

Chara has putten their dirty fingers on the reset button and keeps showing up in greater number every time!!! Help poor (and evil) Flowey survive Chara's knife attacks as long as you can! Use the arrows to move around, mouse to point to direction, left click to shoot your friendliness pellets, the space bar to revive Flowey and your reflexes to survive!

Install instructions

It's a zip file. So just extract everything and play the html file with microsoft edge. (Chrome and Google, internet explorer and mozilla don't work) :(


Chara attacks.zip 821 kB


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https://jacktiveactive.itch.io/virtual-operating-system https://jacktiveactive.itch.io/monkey-pimpster

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your game reminds of one of those Studio Ghibli films like The Secret World of Arrietty or The  Cat Returns. Good Job!

Thanks I'm a big fan of Myazaki.


Ok so that's number 2. Hope you enjoy it. It's a simple shoot'em up and you can see how survive the longest among your friends. There are a kill and deaths counter and a small timer in seconds to have an idea of your score. Enjoy!!!